22 marzo, 2024

398-OK, 364-KNK, NDB Irlanda, QSL

398 khz, OK y 364 KNK son NDB de EIKN Ireland West Airport, Knock.

Confirman mi informe, algunos datos de su equipo son:

"OK” NDB 398Khz has the status of a “Compass Locator” because it aids in an ILS approach procedure to RWY 2 6.
“KNK” NDB 364Khz. is the only Instrument procedure assisting landings to RWY 0 8 – the reciprocal. The KNK status is simply defined as an NDB and has its own stand-alone NDB let down procedure.
The Antenna at both sites is a modified slightly off centre tap Marconi type Aerial.

Thank you.

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