03 enero, 2024

Gander Radio Volmet, Canadá, QSL

13270 Khz,

This is confirmation that your reception report is correct. I regret to inform you that currently we do not have QSL cards. However, I am actively exploring the possibility of reintroducing them. As being newly tasked with responding to these messages for the Gander IFSS, I am sure I will find it very interesting, and I look forward to corresponding with HF enthusiasts like yourself in the future.

Best regards,

Jennifer Bath

Flight Service Specialist Team Supervisor

Gander HF Equipment

14 Rohde & Schwarz 4100 4 kW SSB Transmitters

7 Thales TME5415 5 kW SSB backupTransmitters

31 Rohde & Schwarz EK4100D Receivers

Gander Radio Facts

Gander Radio began operations in 1938 and provides aeronautical communication services over the North Atlantic and Canadian/US Arctic region, covering approximately 6.5 million sq km of airspace.

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