19 noviembre, 2023

Palermo Radio, Italia, verificación.

2187,5 Palermo Radio confirma mi informe e incluyen información:

We transmit DSC signals on 2187.5 Khz from Palermo Punta Raisi (there is the international airport) with power of 500W emission class F1B or 2185.8 Khz in SSB (it's the same thing) with TX "Sunair" operating in Area A2 of GMDSS for the SVH/SAR service.

At the same time we remote control another 4 TXs on 2187.5 Khz/DSC in Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea and Westerly Sicily (Mazara) with other mmsi (for example 002470120, 002470128, 002470121 etc).


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