13 abril, 2023

Radiojongeuropa, Países Bajos, QSL.

6170 khz, Radioeuropa / Radiojongeuropa, Alphen aan den Rijn confirma mi informe con una eqsl sin datos. añaden fotografías de sus antenas. Son unos veteranos de las ondas, llevan ahí más de 50 años.

Introducing: We are some brothers who have been doing this for years making radio and without income from this, it's a hobby.
John is the owner / license holder of Radioeuropa / Radiojongeuropa and the other brothers are engaged in drinking coffee ha ha no we do some maintenance ....
The hobby / making radio started around the 1970s and we are still working on this every week.
As a hobby we can also be found on the high legal radio frequencies as radio amateurs on SSB / AM.

Thank you!

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