08 mayo, 2020

Radio Sylvia, QSL

6070 khz, Radio Sylvia, vía Channel 252, Alemania confirma mi informe con una eQSL

Some brief information on Radio Sylvia:

The station started broadcasting back in 1977 as a pirate. We were active for many years on FM, medium wave and short wave. In 1984 Radio Sylvia was raided by the German authorities and we were sentenced to heavy fines. After that we changed our name to Radio Scorpio and were relayed on a regular basis by Belgian, Scottish and Irish short wave stations.

In 2009 we restarted Radio Sylvia as an internet station. We are now broadcasting 24/7 with studios located in Hamburg, Germany. In addition to our online activities, short wave transmissions are conducted as well on every first Saturday of a month on 6070 kHz from 18:00 to 24:00 CET. So we hope you'll tune in again on 2nd May.

Our aim has always been (and still is) to provide a musical alternative to the "official" pop music radio stations. We focus on non-mainstream music and also support little-known bands and artists worldwide.

You can view the full history, our aims and all station details on our website www.radiosylvia.com.

Mark Andersen
Radio Sylvia

Vielen Dank!

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