17 mayo, 2017

Vahon Hindustani Radio (Holanda), QSL

1566 Khz, Vahon Hindustani Radio confirma mi informe vía e-mail con un pdf listo para imprimir en papel grueso, plegar, pegar y tener nuestra tarjeta QSL. Este buen trabajo lo ha hecho su QSL manager, Koos Wijnants, quien me verificó hace meses a Hollands Palet, de una manera similar.
Koos incluye interesante información:
VAHON hindustani radio is a popular cableradiostation, owned by the Hindustani community, with ca 30.000 listeners, in The Hague and surroundings. At 4 th of March 2008, Agentschap Telecom authorised VAHON hindustani radio to transmit on 1557 kHz AM. From October 2012 we were officially on air, 24 hours a day. We offer a wide diversity of programmes and aim at a 50% Dutch presentation. From 23th april 2014 Agentschap Telecom authorised us to transmit on 1566 kHz in Nootdorp near the Hague, Coördinates: 520 03' 20,6" N and 040 24' 37,6" E Our Nautel mediumwave transmitter, type J1000, has two 500 W power modules. We use a T-type antenna with a span of 30 m at a height of 27 m.

Great job, Koos.

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